PRIVACY POLICY ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS, AB (hereinafter referred to as ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS or the Company) is responsible for the protection of your personal data and therefore seeks to ensure your rights at the level of processing of personal data by all means. Data subjects are the users of our production, partners, and other people, trusting us their personal information and we are responsible for working every day to justify their trust. This Privacy Policy of the Company: Processing personal data of data subjects, we observe the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania and other directly applicable legal acts regulating the protection of personal data, as well as instructions from the competent authorities. How do we collect personal data? We collect the following data, which You do not have to submit any personal data to ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS, so if you decide not to do so, it may be that we will not be able to sell you products and / or services. What your personal data are collected? We collect data belonging to the following categories: How we use your personal data? ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS collects and continues to process your personal data only on the legal basis defined by legal acts regulating personal data protection in order to conclude and / or execute an agreement with you, with your consent, when processing personal data, ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS obliges the relevant legislation and personal data it is necessary to handle the legitimate interest of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS (only if the interests of the data subject are not more important). ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS processes personal data for the following purposes: How do we protect your data? ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS constantly seeks to maintain and, at the same time, improve organizational and technical security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data. ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS provided security assurance activities include the protection of personnel, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks as well as office buildings and technical installations. Whom do we provide to your data? What are your rights? You are entitled to: COOKIE POLICY We use cookies or similar technologies to analyze trends, administer the site, monitor behavior of the users, actions on the entire site, and collect other information about our users. What are cookies and why are they used? A cookie is a small text file that the site saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Cookies are stored in the Web browser's file directory (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox) on the site's visitor's hard drive. Because of this, website may for some time "remember" your actions and options (eq., your registration name, language, font size and other display options), and you do not need to re-enter it each time you visit a site or browse on its various pages. Cookies do not pose any threat to the site's visitor's computer. How do we use cookies? We save the information in order to: In addition, some of our page video clips use cookies to allow us to anonymously receive statistics on how you found that page and what videos you watched. It is not necessary to allow the use of these cookies for the website to function, but it will make it easier for you to browse. You can delete or block cookies, but in this case, some features of this site may not work as expected. Cookie information is not used to identify your identity, and we fully control the data collected about the use of the site. These cookies are not used for any purposes other than those described above. What cookies are used on this site? To improve the functionality of the site and facilitate its use, webpages use such cookies.
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How to control cookies? If you wish, you can control and / or delete cookies. More information is available at You can delete all cookies already on your computer and set most browsers to prevent cookies from being stored on your device. However, in this case, you may need to manually change some of the options each time you visit the website, and some services and features may not work. We use cookies in a transparent and accountable manner. You can always view recorded cookies in your browser. You can also cancel the use of cookies at any time by changing settings and deleting saved cookies. Information about setting up cookies and related changes in the most popular browsers are available here: AB "ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS" warns that the change of settings is always valid for one browser only. If a visitor uses multiple browsers, he needs to change all browser settings individually. In addition, the visitor may at any time delete cookies from the multimedia memory. Additional information is provided using the browser or the operating system. Answers to your inquiries Any request or instruction relating to the Processing of Personal Data, you must provide us with written notice in one of the following ways: (i) Submitting such a request or order to us directly or by posting a registered postal item at Sedos str. 35, Telšiai, LT-87101; or (ii) sending such an application or instruction to the e-mail address from our previously submitted email address. Upon receipt of such a request or instruction, we will respond and we will perform the actions specified in the request or refuse to do so. The response will be in writing. Failure to resolve the issue with Telia, you have the right to contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate, which is responsible for the supervision and control of personal data protection legislation.

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